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Satire Times is a website that has news content with no reliable sources. We simply post satire news to attract your attention. And we are honest about admitting it.

We aim to provide clean humour in the shape of false news reports, a style not unique with us. We try to be funny, most of the times.

We also try to be satirical and sarcastic about various elements of  Indian social life and news media. We try to act smart and intellectual, sometimes.

Being humorous or satirical is a hugely challenging job, so excuse us if you think we are just being stupid.


Content of this website, unless categorized as “Editorial”, is a work of fiction.

The content, despite being fictional, might prove to be a little offensive to various parties; we apologize for hurting your sentiments in advance. After all, we are just faking it, so don’t take us seriously.

You can also try to hurt our sentiments by contacting us or by commenting on this site. Please don’t try to hunt down and kill us, that would be really sad.

Visitor discretion is advised

The website is intended to humor people over the (physical and mental) age of thirteen years. So if you are yet to get into your teens, you are advised to close this window at once.

Please don’t visit this website if you are too religious, too political, too sentimental, too serious, too liberal, or too anything.

On a serious note

Satire Times is a news satire website, and our intentions are not to hurt anyone’s sentiments or spread rumours or bring disrepute to anyone (person, organization or an idea) living or dead. If at all it appears so, it’s either completely unintentional or thoroughly misinterpreted by someone.

You are advised not to read the content of this website if you are not too comfortable with the idea of news satire.

Satire Times is a writing style that uses fake news reports as a means to bring out the absurdities of real life in our society. On some occasions, real events and personalities could also be a part of such fake news reports to help convey the message easily.

You are advised not to confuse the literal content of the news reports of Satire Times as being genuine and true. Satire Times uses fictional names of people in its “news reports”, except when public figures and/or organizations are being satirized. The fictional names have every chance of being real names in the real world, but their use by Satire Times is purely coincidental and is not intended to satirize or mock that person and/or organization.

Complaint redressal

If you are still not convinced, and have been offended by any content on this website, or have any other objection in general, you have full rights to leave the site.

Leave a feedback

We’d love to hear from you, even if you aim to hurt our sentiments. Do let us know your thoughts, suggestions, complaints, well wishes, etc.